Alarm and Shutdown

25 ratings

Alarm and Shutdown

25 ratings

Addon does not work properly on blender versions: 2.93.1, 2.93.2, 2.93.3, 2.93.4 (inconsistent sound alarm functionality due to Blender bug)

Functionality restored in 2.93.5

Alarm and Shutdown is a very simple, yet handy addon (plugin) for Blender 3D Software, that allows you to set custom sound alarm, shut-down your computer by timer and send a notification via email, telegram or viber on render completion event.

New in version v1.3:

First off, version 1.3 is now much more easier to setup and have more options regarding notifications.

• Long awaited feature – notifications via popular messenger apps is finally here! Now, aside from emails, you can get notified via Telegram and Viber.

• Linux version is now supports Sleep shut-down type

• Linux support was improved. Shut-down now works in Debian as well. 

• Email setup is now requires to fill only one field instead of that user/password/smtp/port/ttl jibber jabber. Just set up your inbox address and you good to go. Multiple addresses (up to 3) are now supported!

• Also, new original notification sounds replaced previous ones. It’s mostly due to legal reasons, but the ability to set up your own jingle is still here.

• Minor change: checkbox that enables notifications and shut-down timer in addons’ panel header now doesn’t save its’ state. It is convenient to prevent accidental shut down action when you render your scene next time and forgot to disable Alarm and Shutdown

• Countdown until shut-down now displayed in the status bar.

• Email message is now formatted as an HTML text. Looks dandy.

(Version 1.2 Beta is still free of charge, but only supports email notifications and lacks Sleep option for Linux systems)

Documentation pages are here:



Little FAQ:

• Q: Version 1.2 Beta is free. Why v1.3 is paid now? :(

▪ A: For the end user convenience, in v1.3 notifications were completely revamped and now heavily relies on a stable dedicated web-server. And, unfortunately, good server need some paid maintenance by third party. This fairly symbolic fee will ensure stable functioning of the addon. Also, it will surely keep me motivated to keep this addon up to date and add new features. And last but not least – half of my revenue for this addon will go straight to Blender Foundation!

• Q: What about compatibility? Which OS does it support and which Blender versions?

▪ A: 2.8x and 2.9x versions of Alarm and Shutdown v1.3 were thoroughly tested on Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu 16 and Linux Debian 10 systems. All the features works fine on these systems. Blender versions used in testing: 2.80, 2.82a, 2.83, 2.92, 2.93, 3.0a.

Blender 2.7x version has been discontinued since v1.3.2 

• Q: How do I install it and set it up?

▪ A: You can find detailed text tutorials by the links above. If you still having troubles with the addon, feel free to contact me directly. I'll be glad to help.

Thank you and Happy Blending!

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